UXO Site Assessment, Investigation, and Project Planning

Site AssessmentAssessment is vital to uncovering potential threats. The first step in any construction or development project where UXO is a concern is to research and build a foundation of information. This material is critical to support intelligent decisions about the health, welfare, and safety of the crew, equipment, and surrounding environment. These important decisions help prevent unnecessary delays and unexpected costs. ALL-CLEAR surveys, investigates, and minimizes risk from the outset.

  • Historical research about the site and possible military engagements and activities that have taken place
  • Surveys and field studies to determine the actual risk of UXO onsite
  • Threat assessment
  • Recommendations for risk mitigation, avoidance, safety training, equipment, and disposal of any UXO onsite
  • Highly detailed risk reports detailing the steps, training, and actions necessary to carry out the project with due diligence to safety while maintaining the integrity of operations
  • Fully integrated planning services to ensure quality control, safety, cost efficiency, and diligent risk management at every stage of your project

Project Safety Management

Project Safety ManagementALL-CLEAR is more than just research and reports—we  offer active safety oversight throughout your project. Our strategy? Risk mitigation through robust investigation and assessment, ensuring a healthy and safe worksite through training and compliance, and addressing anomalies before they become disasters.

  • Quality control measures, practices, and supervision
  • Active, diligent, and responsive oversight of every aspect of your project’s safety

UXO Safety and Compliance Training

Safety and Compliance TrainingEnsuring crew members have the appropriate safety training to keep themselves, their colleagues, and the environment healthy and safe is a key component of ALL-CLEAR’s overall risk management strategy. We build capacity in teams, so they understand the dangers of the products and equipment they use, and the importance of reporting and addressing safety compliance issues. These skills add value to today’s project and your future projects.

  • Safety Compliance training and support
  • Environment Compliance training and support
  • Gap analysis of health, safety, and environmental training needs vs. existing crew skills and knowledge
  • Capacity building for the client, including support with policy and program document development, and building a culture and mindset of safety and compliance

Underwater Surveying

Underwater SurveyingMany marine-related projects require underwater surveying. We work with the best diving companies in the business, matching your needs to the best possible service provider.

  • Underwater site assessment
  • Sonar scans and surveys
  • Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) surveys and investigations

Diving Project Planning

Diving Project PlanningNeed to see what’s going on under water? We can help. Whether it’s quality control, administrative or practical audits of equipment or installations, inspections of shipwrecks or dams, or a preliminary project site inspection, we partner with professional diving companies to provide project oversight, ensure a safe dive, and execute a complete and thorough report.