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What Is UXO?

UXO is short for “unexploded ordnance”. These are typically military munitions either left over from previous wars or dumped by ships and planes. UXO includes bombs, mines, rockets, grenades, missiles, and other explosives.

These weapons were designed and built to kill people and destroy property. The best case scenario when UXO is not properly addressed on a project site is long and costly delays. The worst case scenario is loss of life.

Usually, UXOs were primed for action but for a variety of reasons never exploded. Even after decades of lying dormant on the ocean floor or underground, they still pose enormous risk to life and limb, have the potential to cause considerable environmental and structural damage, and delay and derail large projects. EOD or “explosive ordnance disposal” is the process of assessing and disposing of UXO.

Do You Need Us?

Our clients include government agencies, armed forces, regulators, prime contractors, and diving companies involved in projects where UXO may exist due to military action or training.

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